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Who & What is OctoMuffin?

OctoMuffin was founded by Lianne, Simon and Lola (the dog) in 2012.

Our aim was very simple, to produce screen printed t-shirts and embroidered goods for local bands and businesses.

Within 6 months we had our first studio and our little business was established, printing for clients all over the country.

In 2015, OctoMuffin won an Eco Innovation Award as a small independent business. This was presented as a result of our company being recognised as actively taking steps to lower our environmental impact whilst achieving a more efficient use of resources (i.e. the product/service reduces CO2 emissions, water usage or waste). 

The screen printing industry is always constantly changing with new advances in technology. Here at OctoMuffin we are the more traditional, old fashioned squeegee draggers, producing all prints by hand. We genuinely love this method of printing, and still offer it as a service on a select few orders, however we are now known more predominately as embroidery specialists. 

We are still a small business, and always happy to answer any questions you may have as we know this industry can be daunting. We are always happy to try new projects and materials and offer advice where we can.

We also now have the addition of Maple (the dog), walking in Lola's footsteps. (yes we are dog/animal people here at OctoMuffin)

Can I order samples?

If you wish to order blank samples of any of the products shown in our catalogues, please just send us a message.


Embroidered samples can be ordered, however full setup costs must be paid.

If within 2 weeks of receiving the sample you wish to place an order using the same unaltered design, we will deduct the setup fee from your invoice.

Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order.

What garments can you supply?

We can provide a wide range of garments, including those that are organic and ethically produced as well as those from standard & value ranges. To see our full catalogues please click here.

Artwork Guidelines

Please email your artwork files as closely as possible to your final embroidered dimensions.

We accept any of the following file types PDF, EPS, PNG, SVG, JPG, Illustrator AI or Photoshop PSD. Please ensure the designs are either 300 dpi (dots per inch) or vectorised.

If the size and/or quality of the image is not deemed suitable for us to digitise, then we may have to edit/recreate the artwork for you. If this is necessary, we will let you know before proceeding into production as this may incur an artwork fee.

All of our digitising is produced in our own studio. This is the process of converting your artwork from a digital flat image, into a design file formed of stitches which our embroidery machines can read. Therefore there are limits to how intricate some of the details can be within your artwork. 

We match artwork colours to threads, using a Pantone Matching System where possible, to ensure choosing the most accurate colour representation for embroidery. When designs are embroidered, the thread colours may not match exactly what you see on your screen.

The best toppings and backing stabilisers are used during the embroidery process to help prevent and minimise puckering as much as possible. Due to the nature of embroidery, with the stitches pulling and distorting the material, especially on lighter weight fabrics, sometimes slight puckering is unavoidable. Where possible, we will recommend alternative products to acquire the best finish possible.

Turn Around Time & Delivery

Turnaround times are approximately within 14 working days from the date of confirmation of the artwork approval, but can vary slightly depending on our current workload, and how large the order is. We should be able to provide you with a estimated turnaround before placing an order.  


Rush orders are sometimes available at additional cost, but we must know your deadline before ordering. 


We do not accept responsibility for not meeting a deadline if it has not been previously agreed, or if turnaround has been affected by circumstances out of our control. Garments are ordered in per individual order and therefore we are not responsible for stock levels of garments from our suppliers or as a result any delays to orders caused. If we discover an ordered item has become unavailable, we will notify you as soon as possible to find a suitable solution.​

Deliveries are sent out using various courier services, whom are in control of delivering orders as per the services that we book with them. We can not be held accountable for losses or delays caused by the courier but we will attempt to make the relevant claims on our side if this should occur and rectify the situation as best we can.

Please check your order as soon as it arrives and contact OctoMuffin within 5 days of receipt of the goods letting us know if there are any problems with the order.  If goods are not rejected by the customer within the 5 days of delivery then they are deemed accepted.

Environmental & Privacy Policies

OctoMuffin is committed to being a responsible business, leading by example to inspire others to also adopt environmentally conscious and sustainable production methods. 99.9% of our clients whom we supply products for, will be redistributing their products across the world, so it is very important to encourage as much of the supply chain as possible to use greener alternatives. 


Stanley & Stella along with Continental Clothing, both offer a wide variety of ethically produced, fashion based, organic/recycled garments. A close relationship between us and these brands has been formed over years to ensure customers are getting the best products available in terms of quality and environmental responsibility.

We offer clients the choice of using a softer, sustainable embroidery thread called Sensa Green, made from 100% Tencel Lyocell fibres.


Being an earth conscious company and wanting to help conserve the environment, OctoMuffin adopts the policies of recycling, reusing and repurposing where-ever possible. 

  • All cardboard boxes that are sent to the studio containing stock are then reused for packing customer orders

  • A ZERO WASTE policy is applied, so any materials that are either damaged/faulty and therefore can not be used, are sent to the appropriate recycling facilities

  • Unusable textiles are regularly cut into rags for cleaning the studio.

  • The majority of our furniture, computers and embroidery equipment is all second hand.


When placing an order with OctoMuffin you are consenting to us collecting personal data, which is relevant for us to fulfil and process an order. This includes your contact name, company name, billing address, shipping address, email address and a phone number. We never disclose our customer’s details to third parties, except where it is part of our service to you, such as arranging your delivery with a third party courier, we have your express permission or where the law requires it.

We do not store any of your payment details.

Our main method of communication is via email; therefore your email address will be used for contact purposes about your order, completion of our service to you, and given to the courier company to receive any shipping updates on your delivery. If you have chosen to subscribe to our newsletter, (thank you!) you will receive the occasional promotional email from us, no SPAM. If you would like to unsubscribe at anytime, you can easily do so by clicking on the bottom of the newsletter, or contacting us directly.

Your shipping address is used purely for sending your items, and is therefore shared with the courier service, whom will also receive your phone number, which is only used if they have any issues with processing/delivering your package. The delivery ticket will show the following details, your contact name, and company name, shipping address and phone number.

OctoMuffin may used your phone number in the rare occasion there is an urgent issue with your order, otherwise we will contact you via email about any updates.

Artwork Guidelines
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