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Screen Printing

The Most Effective Way To Print Your Garments

We are textile printers by trade so we use the best inks in the industry to produce awesome quality designs for our clients. Not only can you create great detail with various screen meshes, but your prints will LAST, which is what you really want at the end of the day.

We start by transferring your design onto a film, which we then sandwich together with a screen onto our beautiful beast of an exposure unit. Once this is completed, we wash it out and ‘hey presto’ your image has now been turned into a stencil on the screen. This technique now allows us to push our amazing inks through the mesh stencils, directly onto your garments. Each colour that is in your image, will require a separate screen. Once they have all been made and taped up, we can pop them onto the carousel, making sure everything aligns perfectly.

We have many hard to beat offers, click here to check them out.                                                                              If you can’t find what you are looking for just fill in our online enquiry form and a member of the OctoMuffin Crew will gladly help you out.


There are various processes within screen printing which we can use to help get the best results for different types of images. A ‘Solid Colour’ print, is pretty simple to understand, its a nice block of a certain colour(s) that is used to create the design. Spot Colours are used when there are several colours within one design, and we can lay them down next to each other to form the final piece. Halftone Dots are used when we need to print a one colour photograph, and this process allows us to use just one screen to produce hundreds of different shades and tones. CMYK Printing, uses 4 screens, and special textile inks. This process is printed ‘wet on wet’ so each of the four inks can slightly blend with the other to create all the colours you get from a full colour photograph (magic).


If your design contains a bright colour, and you would like it printed onto a dark garment, then an underpin will be required. This gives the ink a base to sit on, therefore the bright colour will stand out much more effectively instead of looking faded and dull. We can offer discharge underpins which will result in a softer print, instead of a thick buildup of layers of colours. OctoMuffin also offers metallic inks, puff additives etc

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We Pantone Match your colours FREE OF CHARGE. Every major business/company uses the Pantone guides to select a particular shade or colour for their garments, so both the printer and the client knows what colour to expect, and it makes it super easy for repeat orders.