Octomuffin - Kent screen printing


Some garments are better suited for Embroidery, rather than Screen Printing, such as beanies, caps and polo shirts. This process uses thread to produce your design, rather than inks, therefore we need to digitise the image to demonstrate how it will appear as stitches.

Embroidering your products, ensures that you will be getting a long lasting finish, which is why it is the most popular technique used to decorate work wear. Beanies are by far the most favoured  product we embroider, as we have some awesome deals and low MOQ, so whether you are a festival, a band or just starting up a clothing line we can cater to your custom requirements. Just as we have a vast selection of inks, we can match this with our threads, just get in contact with our experts at OctoMuffin, and they will make turn your idea into a fantastic reality.