Octomuffin - Kent screen printing


Q: What garments do you offer? Do you have a catalogue?

A: Why yes we do. We know that sometimes its hard to express exactly what you are looking for, or maybe you just want that something a little different to make your company/band/brand etc stand out from the rest. Thats why if you head to the bottom of our website and click on ‘Product Catalogue’ you will find a MASSIVE range of garments that we offer, from t-shirts, hoods and jackets, to beanies, bags and caps, and MORE

Q: So what do you need from me?

A: To make things as easy and as quick as possible, we would like the following:

  • The type of garment, sizes and the quantity
  • Artwork, colours and position the design is to be printed
  • Due date, delivery details and errr… payment

Q: Can I mix sizes and garment colours in my order?

A:  Yes indeed you can! Mix and match to suit your brand’s needs

Q: Can I add a Back Print? Neck Print? Sleeve Print?

A: Simple answer is YES. There are many optional extras you can add to your order, so just ask the OctoMuffin Crew and we will let you know prices

Q: What information is needed for the Neck Prints?

A: You can put what ever information you need/want. Most people have an image/logo and then have all the sizes written underneath, and we leave a dot under the appropriate one. If you’re removing the care labels from the garments you must have fibre content stated on your new label by UK law. If selling within the EU you may have to include this in various languages. Washing instructions and where the product was manufactured are also often added to the garment. You can read the full specifications along with requirements for sales outside the UK / EU on the UKFT website. This is entirely up to you (the customer) to inform us, whether you would like this information printed in the nape. OctoMuffin is not responsible for telling clients what/how to decorate their garments. 

Q: Can I order a sample so I know what to expect from my order?

A:  We don’t offer samples as there is a lot of work involved in the process. We do however produce digital ‘artwork approvals’ for every order without fail before anything goes into production. These include the garment type, ink colours and position of the print on the items with an image for reference.

Q: Can you embroider on garments? Even caps and beanies?

A: Of course we can. We offer the highest quality embroidery, with a wide range of colourful threads to match your design requirements. We don’t even charge for digitising your artwork, letting our super hard working team take care of the entire embroidery process for you

Q: What colour inks are available?

A: We mix are colours to the Pantone Matching System – basically the industry standard. And we don’t charge for this either because we are super nice

Q: Do you offer Sublimation/All Over Printing

A:  This is not a service that we currently offer

Q: Can you provide Woven Labels and Sew them in?

A:  Yes and Yes! Minimum order for the woven labels is 50 (neck labels, hem tags), and we can de-tag garments and sew in the custom ones, providing you with professionally finished products.

Q: Can I supply my own garments for you to print on?

A:  You sure can. But OctoMuffin are not responsible for replacing any garments that get damaged or reimbursing the customer for the cost of the products.

Q: I want a totally finished product, can you help with this?

A:  In the OctoMuffin Studio we can bag and fold you garments, finishing them with appropriate size stickers. If you require swing tags, we can offer them in various sizes, colours and materials, just ask our team. Recently we have introduced screen printed tissue paper and boxes/packaging, so everything can be finished under one roof

Q: What other products does OctoMuffin Offer?

A:  Where to begin… Custom Engraved Bamboo Phone Cases and Sunglasses, Printed Plastic Sunglasses and Phone cases, Printed Lanyards, Paper Products such as Posters, Metal Tags, Fabric and Silicone Wristbands, Keyrings. If you have something specific in mind, please ask and we will do our best to source it for you

Q: What format should I send my artwork in?

A: Vector artwork is best (.pdf, .ai). If the artwork is separated into layers/colours then a .psd would be ideal, if not then a high res .jpeg should be fine.

If that’s all a bit technical then send us the image at the correct print size at 300dpi minimum.  Artwork is always checked by a member of the OctoMuffin Team before we process an order, so we know know that you are going to get the best print possible out of your design, so always email it through to info@octomuffin.co.uk . If you find that the file is too large, then there are plenty of sites out there to help share the files, i.e. dropbox, wetransfer

Q: I’ve got a rough sketch/idea for my artwork, can you fix it?

A: We will aim to help with your artwork as much as we can, but depending on what needs to be done there can be a charge. If its something that we can’t help you with, we know PLENTY of graphic designers and illustrators who might be able to put pencil to paper for you (check out our links)

Q: What’s your usual turn around ?

A: Our usual turn around is within 14 working days. If you need something to fit into a tight deadline, just send us an email and we will see what we can do. All deliveries are sent via Overnight Courier with tracking info so you can get super excited for the arrival of your products

Q: Do I have to pay for the Screen Setup again if I am reordering a design?

A: We keep your screens for 30 days, during this time any reprints will not incur the screen setup costs.

Q: What’s the best way to pay?

A: The easiest and cheapest is bank transfer.  You can pay via Paypal but there will be an additional 5% charge to cover transaction fees. Please note that no work will be undertaken by us until funds have been transferred/cleared into our bank.

Q: Are you VAT registered?

A: Yes we are. Our VAT Number is 189684534

Q: Do you have a returns policy?

A: All orders are throughly inspected before they leave us, if however you find an issue with your order, please notify us within 7 days after receiving your products. We will then be able to either reprint or refund the items that appear to be faulty, we reserve the right to solely offer a reprint if the problem is related to production issues. If the whole order is deemed faulty, we will arrange our courier to collect the goods from you and inspect them to see what the issues could be. If however you contact us after the 7 day period you may not be entitled to a refund or reprint.