Octomuffin - Kent screen-printing

OctoMuffin, a Creative Textile Screen Printing studio based in Kent

OctoMuffin is the brainchild of two masterminded ninjas, who joined forces to build the ultimate Textile Screen Printing Company. With over 10 years experience under their super-secret ninja belts, and a lair full of the latest technology, they can print, tshirts, tote-bags, hoods, produce custom sunglasses, phone cases, wristbands…… well pretty much anything for anyone.

From mega large orders, to super small minimums, OctoMuffin can produce what you require at competitive prices.  Working along side Festivals, Clothing Labels, Bands, Artists, etc – each job is individually tailored for that client.

Not only do they supply the finest printing service for others, but they also produce limited edition bad ass prints for the OctoMuffin Brand.  All to the highest level of AWESOMENESS.